ERFC Contribution Sources: You put in 3% and FCPS puts in 6.48% into investments

What Is ERFC?

The Educational Employees' Supplementary Retirement System of Fairfax County (ERFC) is a defined-benefit retirement plan known as a pension. The ERFC pension supplements the primary benefits you’ll earn from the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) and Social Security.

Generally, full-time FCPS teachers, educational personnel, instructional assistants, administrators, administrative support staff, and technical staff are automatically enrolled in ERFC. Your ERFC contributions are tax deferred. This means that, as an active FCPS employee, your yearly retirement contribution lowers your taxable income.

After five years of full-time service, you’re “vested” and are eligible for an ERFC benefit when you retire. Your ERFC benefit is guaranteed for life and remains constant year after year—no matter what the market does. 

How Does ERFC Membership Work?

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Plans: Legacy, 2001 Tier 1, 2001 Tier 2

What Plan Am I In?

Your Hire Date Determines Your Retirement Plan

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Ready to Retire?

How to Retire With ERFC

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Life & Career Changes

How They May Affect Your Pension

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Already Retired?

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ERFC received GFOA awards for its 2023 ACFR and PAFR.

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