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Working After Retirement

Thinking About Returning to Work at FCPS?

Before you do, make sure you understand the rules for working after retirement: FCPS Regulation 4774.

ERFC can help answer any questions you may have about how your pension could be affected. Before accepting a position, please give us a call at 703-426-3900, M-F, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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How Will Returning to Work at FCPS Affect My ERFC Benefit?

ERFC-Covered Position

If you retire and return to an FCPS position that's covered by ERFC (including a critical shortage position), your ERFC benefit payments will need to be suspended. In order to do that, you must email ERFC a Request Termination of Monthly Benefit (ERFC 15) the month prior to returning to eligible employment with FCPS. You'll then become an active member again and both employer and member contributions will be reinstated. When you leave that position and re-retire, you're pension will be reinstated.

Please Note:
If you don't submit an ERFC 15—leading to an excess pension payment—you must repay ERFC the overpayment amount received. 

Non-Covered Position

If you retire and return to an FCPS position that's not covered by ERFC, such as a part-time teaching position, your ERFC retirement benefits will continue without interruption during your period of re-employment.

After a 30-Day workday break

Retirees Make Excellent Substitutes

After a 30-day workday break, you can apply to be an FCPS substitute teacher or a substitute instructional assistant. Please note that summer is not included in the 30-day break. For example, if you retired in June and were a 10-month employee, you could return to substitute in FCPS in October. Apply online at the FCPS Instructional Talent Gateway


Visit the FCPS Office of Substitute Employment. You can also contact them by calling 571-423-3030 (Choose Option #1) or by emailing

For additional information, please consult FCPS Regulation 4311.11.

How Will Returning to Work at FCPS Affect My VRS Benefit?

Please visit the VRS website for information regarding the impact of returning to work on your VRS benefit.