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If you're a full-time, monthly paid FCPS educational, administrative, or support employee, ERFC is your supplemental defined-benefit retirement plan—also called a pension. Plan participation is mandatory for all eligible FCPS employees and you're automatically enrolled. 

Your ERFC pension is in addition to the primary benefits you'll earn from the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) and Social Security.

As a new hire, you're a member of the ERFC 2001 Tier 2 Plan.

ERFC investments; members contribute 3% and FCPS contributes 6.48%

You contribute 3% and FCPS contributes 6.48%. ERFC grows these funds through investments.

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You only need 5 years as a full-time employee to be vested.

Lifetime Guarantee

Your ERFC pension is a defined benefit that will never go away. Once you've earned 5 years of vesting service, you'll be eligible for a lifetime retirement benefit.

Understand ERFC in 3 Minutes

Discover more about this amazing benefit and learn how it works!

Take Care of Your Loved Ones

Learn why it's so important to name your beneficiary from day one!

Things to Do

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Enroll in ERFCDirect

Once you've received your first full paycheck, you'll be able to register and designate your beneficiaries. Log in and click “Named Beneficiaries” on the left menu to complete the process.

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Set up your online Virginia Retirement System (VRS) account and learn about the VRS Hybrid Plan. Hybrid plan members may contribute up to 4%to the defined contribution component of the plan (in 0.5% increments) and receive up to 2.5% in employer matching contributions. Act now to take full advantage of the employer match!

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Contact MissionSquare Retirement for information about your VRS Hybrid Plan defined contribution component or to increase your voluntary contribution.

877-327-5261 (Option #1)

Email Mission Square

Social Security Card

Create a “my Social Security” account and view your statements.

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Contact the FCPS Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to schedule a meeting with a financial expert, who can assist with questions about retirement planning.

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Get Vested!

Stay 5 years as a full-time employee at FCPS to get vested! It will give you the right to collect your second pension from ERFC on top of VRS.


ERFC 2001 Tier 2 Plan Forms and Documents

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ERFC Ambassador Program

Your onsite Ambassador can answer general ERFC questions and help you find resources.

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FCPS Employee Benefits Questions?

Email FCPS HR at

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Retire2—Your Happy Place with 2 Pensions

It’s never too early to start planning for retirement. Get inspired! Read about ERFC retirees who are making the most of their next chapter.

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