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Can I Change My Payout Option?

Each payout option has different rules about switching to a different option. If you meet the criteria for the payout option you originally chose, you can change your option.

Survivor Option: Option A or Option B

 I Selected Survivor Option A or Option B When I Retired

You may revert to the basic benefit option or you may name another person to receive survivor benefits under two conditions:

  • Your survivor dies.
  • Your survivor is your spouse, and you divorce.

You must notify ERFC in writing to name a new survivor or to cancel your survivor option (reduced benefit) and return to the basic benefit option (unreduced benefit). This new election will go into effect the month after we receive written notification of this change.

Please Note: You can only change the survivor option once during your lifetime. Changing survivors may result in a reduction of your monthly benefit. In addition, if you're divorced and ERFC has an approved Domestic Relations Order (DRO) on file, your benefit must be paid as directed by the DRO.

Basic Benefit

I Selected the Basic Benefit Option When I Retired

You may only revert to survivor option B if you get married. You must notify ERFC within six months of the date of your wedding. The new election will go into effect the month after we've been notified.


I Selected Survivor Option C When I Retired

You may nominate a new survivor for any reason. This change will go into effect once you notify ERFC.

If you have questions about changing your payout option, please call us at 703-426-3900, M-F, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.