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Health Care Benefits in Retirement

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FCPS offers comprehensive benefits to eligible retirees. Visit the FCPS Insurance Benefits page for information about eligibility requirements, medical and dental benefits, life insurance, and medical plan subsidies. 

The FCPS Human Resources Benefits office handles all questions regarding your health care coverage as a retiree.

571-423-3200 (Choose Option #3)


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FCPS Resources

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Preparing for Retirement

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Preparing for Retirement: Your FCPS Health Care Benefits in Retirement

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Retiree Health Eligibility FAQs

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Turning 65 Soon?

You're typically eligible for Medicare on the first day of the month you turn 65. Be sure to contact Social Security three months before you turn 65 to initiate Medicare coverage. For more details, read Becoming Eligible for Medicare

Can I Deduct My Health Care Premium(s) From My Monthly ERFC Pension Benefit?

If your monthly benefit (after taxes) covers the premium(s), the ERFC office will process the deductions from your monthly benefit. 

Change of Address?

If you have health insurance through FCPS and you move, please fill out a Name/Address Change Form for Retirees and Beneficiaries (ERFC 29B). ERFC will then notify your health insurance company of your new address.