Standing near the Iwo Jima Memorial and Arlington National Cemeter, the Netherlands Carillon has one of the best views in the area, overlooking the Potomac River towards Washington, D.C..

Evie Ifantides

Catching Up With Evie

We first featured Evie in 2021 when she was about to retire. Let's find out how retirement is treating her.

It’s been a full year now. How are you finding retirement? Has anything surprised you?

I’m glad that I’m retired. My mom has had a few health issues and I’m thankful that I have the time to take her to doctor appointments and help her in general.

I am an extrovert, and what has surprised me is the lack of daily conversations. At work, I would touch base and chat with so many people. I miss my colleagues, I miss the daily banter, and I miss helping people.

Were you able to do the things you planned to do in retirement?

Yes. I’ve definitely been able to help friends and family. I’ve done a bit of decluttering (still have a ways to go—all those photo albums and hard drives 😊). I’ve played a good amount of pickleball and tennis. I started swimming laps, which I really enjoy, and I bike consistently. I haven’t played as much golf as I thought I would or taken extended visits to see friends. I’m still looking forward to doing that!

Where did you retire to?

This is a good question but not a simple answer. I travel between southern Maine in the summer and southwest Florida in the winter with a good bit of my home base in Fairfax City mixed in.